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Various Artists
Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith

CD = $13  

COMING 10/14/16

Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series 3xCD

CD = $16  

Various Artists
I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson 2xLP

Vinyl = $24  

COMING 08/05/16

The Juliana Hatfield Three
Whatever, My Love LP

Vinyl = $18  

COMING 08/05/16

Various Artists
Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity

CD = $12  


Various Artists
Sing Me To Sleep - Indie Lullabies

CD = $12  



Rainbow Connection / Trespassers William
In Your Name / Tanya Donelly
Silver In Your Palm / Tanya Donelly
Mr. Swan / Tanya Donelly
Send Me Your Next Nightmare / Tanya Donelly
Storm Blown Bird / Tanya Donelly
Tooraloo / Tanya Donelly
Wild Love / Tanya Donelly
Down By The River / Jill Sobule w/John Doe
Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Dala


Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series 3xLP

Vinyl = $36  

COMING 09/02/16

Various Artists
Sing Me To Sleep - Indie Lullabies

CD = $12  


The Juliana Hatfield Three
Whatever, My Love LP

Vinyl = $18  

COMING 08/05/16



Various Artists
Just Like Heaven: A Tribute To The Cure

Catalog Number: ALR-0018
Release Date: 01/27/09


Track List:

  1. Just Like Heaven - Joy Zipper
  2. The Lovecats - Tanya Donelly & Dylan In The Movies
  3. Lovesong - The Brunettes
  4. In Between Days - Kitty Karlyle
  5. Friday I'm In Love - Dean & Britta
  6. Jumping Someone Else's Train - Luff
  7. Boys Don't Cry - The Submarines
  8. Close To Me - Elk City
  9. The Walk - The Rosebuds
  10. Pictures Of You - Class Actress
  11. Let’s Go To Bed - Cassettes Won’t Listen
  12. Catch - Devics
  13. A Night Like This - Julie Peel
  14. 10:15 Saturday Night - The Poems
  15. A Strange Day - Grand Duchy (Violet Clark & Black Francis)
  16. High - The Wedding Present
  17. Lovesong - Dala (*Bonus Track - CD Only!)

Just Like Heaven features 16 outstanding cover versions of Cure favorites by The Wedding Present, Dean & Britta, The Rosebuds, Tanya Donelly & Dylan in the Movies, The Submarines, Grand Duchy (Violet Clark & Black Francis), and so many more. Mastered by West West Side Music (Galaxie 500, The Wrens, Fleetwood Mac). Original art by Melinda Rainsberger. Please know the CD includes a bonus hidden track which is not available on the iTunes release.

"Indie artists pay tribute to the Cure on this outstanding compilation of cover tunes... this is a must for all Cure fans, and a worthy investment for those looking to see what all the fuss was about." - Jeffrey Sisk (The Daily News, NYC)

"These tribute albums have become so ubiquitous and are so generally asinine that this one comes as a genuine, and at times quite moving, surprise. It's not just that the artists who contributed are clearly doing so without any of the usual ironic detachment, but also that many of them have clearly thought very carefully and often very insightfully about their arrangements and interpretations." - All Music Guide

"Just Like Heaven: A Tribute To The Cure is one of the best tribute albums I've ever heard. Instead of a blatant rip-off, Connecticut label American Laundromat Records has released a compilation offering classic Cure songs with a ton of unique indie flare." - Sheena Lyonnais (CHARTattack)

"Here's one of those tributes that manages to get some real talent… I dig Wedding Present doing "High" and Dean & Britta on "Friday I'm in Love"... and look at the effervescent sweetness The Brunettes use to transform blockbuster hit "Lovesong." Great!!! More than previous Cure tributes, Robert Smith ought to be intensely proud of this." - Jack Rabid (The Big Takeover)

"Who knew that a modest label in Connecticut would be releasing one of the best tribute albums ever? Indie darlings past and present come together to repaint the mood swinging lyrics and remix the eternal sunshine of The Cure hits." - Something To Sing About (Music Blog)